Ghost Mannequin Service

Improving the quality of your images on your website is critical and you can make use of neck joint, ghost effect services.  This is a photography editing service that is often done on garment items. These garment items can be dresses, blouses, t-shirts, pants, etc. These entire garment items needs ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service to make it remarkable for eCommerce business.

If you are in the fashion photography industry a ghost mannequin is a must-have! Ghost effect has evolved and is at the height of the evolution. This is a one of a kind product photography editing service. It is done on garment items specifically, but can be open for just about anything.


ghost mannequin service

There are two to three views of one image, with a ghost or mannequin shot. It will show different variations: front view, back view, partial view. In better terms, one photograph is taken putting the apparel on the mannequin, the second one is without the mannequin to show the tag of the back, and then lastly the third image is a partial view which can be combined digitally. By having this done to your photography you are able to have high quality images for your website or social media, with different views! All of that is created for just one price. We simply just use the inner view of any image and we make the complete view look like the real image that it is required to be.

This is ideal for any garment industry owners, magazine business owners, or even professional photographers. Your presence is everything and should be beautiful and professional. If you sell clothing, how it looks is critical. Many people wonder how do other shops get the white background? Well this is how!

The photographer who initially takes the photograph dresses the mannequin with the needed apparel and takes necessary images. These images are made to be edited, in that the mannequin will be able to disappear and be on a white background; this is called "Ghost Mannequin."

We are happy to provide you with this service. We provide you the best quality and professional images. This is ideal if you are selling clothing or garments of any kind. Instead of hiring an amateur, or trying to do it yourself, we are professional, quick, and trained professionals. These will look extremely professional on your eCommerce website, magazine ad, or social media account and will guarantee a better return on investment than anything else.

Why is this important?

This allows your audience to solely focus on your product, more than the person wearing it. If someone is wearing your product on the image they will likely focus on it and scroll over it. If it is done professionally on a white background they have a nice crisp image and have the mindset of wanting it.

The garment industry is one of the fastest growing industries today! You need to make sure that your products sell, and by having professional crisp images this will help! It enhances the image quality of the clothing for your site and will help increase your audience to make a purchase.